Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Premium grade coolant for aluminium, steel and yellow metal machining which is free from boron, chlorine, amine and formaldehyde-releasing biocides.

Alusol ABF 10's main advantages are its great lubricity, a wide range of perfect aluminium alloy compatibility and the excellent health and safety acceptance. The exceptional wetting properties provide clean machine components and reduce the coolant drag out with the chip; therefore, the overall cost will be lower.
Its multi-metal compatibility can reduce the coolant types required on the shop floor.
Alusol ABF 10 contains both mineral oil and synthetic ester base oils to enhance its lubricity.

Recommended concentrations:
General machining and drilling: 5 - 7 %
Tapping, reaming: 6 - 9 %
Grinding: 4 - 5 %

Refractometer factor: 1.0

Water hardness compatibility: 100 - 300 ppm CaCO₃ (5 - 20 °dH)
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