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Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Alusol ABF 5 (previously called Cooledge ABF 5) is a high-performance semi-synthetic metalworking fluid which is boron, amine, chlorine and formaldehyde-releasing agent free.

Alusol ABF 5 is especially designed for machining of aluminium alloys. It can also be used for machining of low-medium alloyed steel and yellow metals.

It contains EP esters and a unique additive package that work in synergy to enhance machining performance and surface finish, provide excellent product stability, improve bio-resistance properties and lower the overall operations costs.

Mineral oil content: 43 %

Recommended concentrations:
Milling, turning, drilling: 6 - 8 %
Reaming, broaching: 7 - 12 %

Using at 5 % concentration or above, Alusol ABF 5 provides reliable corrosion protection for the parts and machine components.

Refractometer factor: 1.0

Water hardness compatibility: 100 - 400 ppm CaCO3 (5 - 20 °dH)

Alusol ABF 5 was previously called CASTROL Cooledge ABF 5. Its name was changed in 2015.
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