Unilub Kft. Terms and Conditions - Online Sales

Seller data (referred as Unilub) 

Name: UNILUB Kft. 

Address: HU-1137 Budapest, Carl Lutz rakpart 29. U-10173 nyilvántartási számú úszómű 

Warehouse: HU-2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Leshegy út 30. Prologis Park DC4 

Tax number: 12683310-2-41 

EU tax number: HU12683310  

Company registration number: 01-09-326833 

Excise number: HU01562903001 

Email: info@unilub.eu 

Phone number: +36 30 892 1400 

Website: https://unilub.eu 



Between Unilub and the Buyer there will be a contract of sale. It is considered a buyer who makes an offer to purchase the product via the website and they make a contract of sale. 

The Terms and Conditions (GTC) included the contract content in addition to the relevant legislation. 

The buyer must read the Terms and Conditions before finalizing his order. By purchasing in the webshop, the Buyer accepts the content of Terms and Conditions. 

The Contracting Parties declare that these Terms and Conditions considered as a framework contract for transport.  

The Terms and Conditions contained the detailed rules for the delivery of the products. The Contracting Parties may deviate from the Terms and Conditions, if they agree with the different conditions.   

This GTC formal language is Hungarian. Unliub provide translations of GTC to assist Buyers in orienting. If there is any misunderstanding, the hungarian version is prevail.  

This GTC do not qualify as written contract, it means Unilub are not file. 

If the individual lubricant sales contract between the Buyer and Unilub  is different form the GTC, the provisions of the individual contract shall prevail.  



The provisions of Hungarian law are normative for the Contract and especially the following legislation apply for the Contract: 

1997. CLV. Consumer Protection Act 

2001. CVIII. Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services Act  

2013. V. Civil Code 

151/2003. (IX.22.) Government Decree: mandatory warranty for durable consumer goods  

45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree: detailed rules for contract between the Buyer and the Seller  

19/2014. (IV.29.) NGM Decree: rules for arrange warranty and guarantee claims between the Buyer and the Seller  

1997. LXXVI. Copyright Act 

2011.  CXX. Right to information self-determination and freedom of information Act 

The European Parliament and the European Council 2018/302 Decree (2018. February 28.): action against for unjustified territorial restrictions and other forms of discrimination based on the nationality, residence or place of establishment and 2006/2004/EK and (EU) 2017/2394 decree and 2009/22/EK amending the directive. 

The European Parliament and the European Council 2016/679 Decree (2016. April 27.) the protection of personal data and free movement of data and repeal of the 95/46/decree (general data protection regulation). 


Rules for excise number products 

Based on the 2003. CXXVII. Act, from 2014 January 1, Custom Tariff No. 27101981, 27101983, 27101987, 27101991, 27101993, 27101999, 34031910, 34031920, 34031980, 34031991 and 34031999 lubricants and lubricating oils became excise duty. Pursuant to the law, lubricants and lubricating oils wholesale, export, import and trade requires excise license from 1 January 2014.  

Based on the provisions of the Excise Act, Unilub needs to collect a statement from every Buyer. The Buyer must declare whether he/she carries out wholesale activities on Hungary with the purchased lubricant. 

If you are not operating in Hungary and you do not have a Hungarian tax number, you have no obligation in connection with this excise regulation. 



The price of the Products is included indicated by Unilub on the website or custom price. (accepted and confirmed product price). 

Prices are expressed in Hungarian Forint and Euro on the website. 

If the Buyer has Hungarian tax number and Hungarian address, Unilub is obligated to declare and pay the VAT and environmental product fee for affected products. These items are considered by Unilub when calculating and invoicing the product price. The VAT is 27% while the environmental product fee for the affected products is 114 HUF/kg.  

Prices do not include shipping costs. Unilub will inform the Buyers about the cost of the delivery. Unilub will inform the Buyer about the possibility of receipt of goods at the warehouse address and this situation the Buyer will pay the delivery costs. 

If Unilub has incorrectly indicated the price due to incorrect administration or IT error and it differs significantly from the real price, Unilub offers the option to purchase the products at a fair price for already concluded contracts. The Buyer may decide to order at this fair price or cancel his/her order without any legal consequences. 

If prices, duties and/or other prices components (shipping, production costs, exchange rate, wages) change. After prior written notice to the Buyer, Unilub can change the price until the day of delivery, if these general conditions change.  



Before you want to place an order on the website, you must register then log in your account. 

By clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button and then on the ‘Register’ button, you can create an account. During registration, you must provide the requested data on the registration page. After entering the data, the IT system will automatically send a confirmation email to the Buyer which will include a link where the Buyer can set his/her password for his/her account. 

After the registration, the account will be approved by the Unilub staff and they link this account with their corporate governance system. If the Buyer has not previously purchased from Unilub, it is possible to use the website and place an order. 

The Unilub.eu Privacy Policy will give you more information about data protection. 

Log in to your account 

The Buyer can log in to his/her account by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button on the website and by entering his/her email address and password. 

Product selection, product page 

Products can be selected on the website by the search fields or the searching list. By clicking on the product cards, you will find the product description, price and packaging versions. The product data sheets are provided by the manufacturers of the product and Unilub shares the content of these data sheets without any modification. 

Unilub’s stock information is only informational and it is updated hourly, but no more than daily. We reserve the right to deviate from the delivery condition if it is come surplus orders between update periods.  

Please note that we are not responsible for any misspellings or incorrect data. 


Adding products to cart, cart overview 

After selecting the product, the Buyer can click on the “Add to Cart” button and he/she can add any number of products to the cart without obligation to purchase or pay because place products to the cart does not constitute a purchase.  

You can view the content of the cart by clicking on the shopping cart pictogram. 

Until clicking to the “Submit order“ button, the contents of the cart can be freely modified, any products can be removed from the cart, new products can be added to the cart or the product number can be changed. 

At the request of the Buyer, Unilub staff can provide further information and technical support. 


Order and Offer 

If the Buyer is convinced that his/her shopping cart is appropriate and his/her data are correct, he/she can finish his/her order by clicking on the “Place order” button. These informations does not constitute a final offer by Unilub. In case of order, the Buyer is qualified as the bidder by this GTC. 

The buyer acknowledges by pressing the “Submit Order” button that his/her offer has been made –in case of confirmation by Unilub according to this GTC- he/she entails an obligation to pay. The Buyer is bound by his/her offer for 48 hours. If the buyer’s offer is not confirmed by Unilub within 48 hours in accordance with these GTC, the Buyer is released from the obligation of the offer. 

The buyer can place an order on the website at any time. 


Order process and Contract 

After the Buyer’s offer, Unilub will confirm the Buyer’s offer by email. The contract is concluded when the confirmation email was sent by Unilub and the email becomes available in the Buyer’s email system. 

In the confirmation email Unilub informs the Buyer about the expected delivery date of the products or the first possible date of the warehouse reception. If the ordered products are not available in the required quantity, Unilub will inform the Buyer and will inform about the possibilities of product sourcing and the quantity of the product available in other packaging.   

Product delivery 

After the Buyer or his/her representative received the products from the Unilub representative involved in the delivery they are responsible for any damage. 

The Buyer must check the packaging and integrity of the goods and notify Unilub if they find any defects in quantity and quality of the goods before using the goods, but no later than 3 days after receipt of the goods. If you find any damage on the packaging or on the product, the Buyer must ask the forwarder to make a report because by receiving the product from the forwarder or signing the confirmation document, you accepted that the quantity and quality of the product meets. If there is a defective performance, Unilub will undertake to replace the defective product free of charge. Unilub will not be liable for any detected damage after receipt. 

The Buyer obliged to pay the cost like the repeated delivery, if he/she made mistake like failure of takeover or delay. 

Unilub will ensure the takeover/ delivery of the ordered products in Hungary, unless the Buyer and Unilub agreed otherwise. 

Unilub is not required to comply with non-contractual requirements which is the Buyer’s country special national law such as labelling or industry specific requirements for these products or to inform the buyer about these requirements. 



The Parties may agree on the method and deadline of payment in a separate Partnership Agreement. Otherwise, the Buyer oblige to pay the purchase price to Unilub in advance.  

Payment is possible by bank transfer, via PayPal or by cash on delivery in certain delivery areas. After the Buyer request, Unilub will provide information for the possibilities of cash on delivery. If the Buyer chose the bank transfer, the Buyer is obliged to make the payment to the appropriate bank account number and currency provided by Unilub. For PayPal payment, the Buyer is obliged to make the payment to the appropriate bank account and currency provided by Unilub.  

Unilub retains its ownership of the delivered products until the Buyer pays the full price, including this situation when the Buyer transfer the purchase price in his/her currency, due to the conversion and the bank commission, charges, Unilub does not receive the full amount of the purchase price and shipping fee. If the Buyer fails or delays to fulfill his/her obligation to pay the purchase price, Unilub is entitled to limit or terminate the Sale Contract, if the Buyer fails to comply despite the Unilub’s request. 

Unilub has the right to charge default interest after late payment. The default interest rate is twice as the base rate, based on the Magyar Nemzeti Bank base rate.  

Unilub is required to cover their administration costs of the demand for payment, due to the 2016. IX. Act, Unilub reserves the right to claim 40 euros provided by law. 


Responsibility for the accuracy of the provided data 

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the provided data is entered accurately because the invoice will be issued and shipped based on the Buyer’s provided data. The Buyer acknowledges that Unilub is entitled to pass on the Buyer all damages and costs in connection with the incorrect data. Unilub disclaims any responsibility for performance based on inaccurate data entry. Furthermore, please note that incorrect email address or the lack of space in the mailbox storage may result in the lack of delivery of the confirmation and may prevent the conclusion of the contract.  


Questions for dispute 

The Contracting Parties will do their best to fulfill the contract, furthermore they take into consideration each other’s economical interest.  If there are any disputes questions in connection with interpretation, amendment or practising, the Contracting Parties must try to negotiate about the disputed questions. If the negotiation does not lead to result on the disputed questions, the Contracting Parties' disputed questions are decided - depending on the value limit – by the Szeged District Court and Szeged Regional Court.  


Transfer of rights and obligations 

The buyer must not assign his/her rights and obligations under this Terms and Conditions without the prior consent of Unilub.  



Based on the 1999. LXXVI Copyrights Act 1. § (1) paragraph, the website is considered copyrighted, so all parts of the website are protected by copyright. 
Based on the 1999. LXXVI Copyrights Act 16. § (1) paragraph, it is forbidden to use the website’s graphics and software solutions, computer program and the usage of any application that could modified any part of the website. Even if you had the written consent of the owner, you must reference the website and the indication of the source when you use any information from the website. 

Owner: Unilub Kft. 


Partial invalidity 

If some clauses of the GTC is legally incomplete or invalid, the remaining clauses of the contract will be in force and the provisions of the relevant legislation will apply instead of the invalid or incorrect clauses. In case of the questions which are not or not properly regulated, the Hungarian Civil Code and related legislation will be applied. 

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