Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Alusol SL 61 XBB has Castrol's highest semi-synthetic lubricating performance in aluminium machining. With its excellent lubricity, Alusol SL 61 XBB significantly improves tool life and machining performance.
Great lubricity comes with outstanding wetting properties of Alusol SL 61 XBB, which reduce the emulsion drag out and top up requirement greatly.

This product shows excellent compatibility with common and sensitive alloys which helps avoid staining. Beside aluminium alloys, it can also be used for steels and yellow metals.

Alusol SL 61 XBB is formulated with Castrol's cutting edge "XBB" additive technology. This technology ensures superior emulsion stability without using boron or formaldehyde-releasing biocides as additives. The pH value of the fluid remains unchanged much longer than with conventional metalworking fluids.
It is also an advantage of this additive technology that SL XBB guarantees better water hardness compatibility than most metalworking emulsions - low or in most machining processes no foaming at all, even with soft water.

Mineral oil content: 35 %

Recommended concentrations:
Milling, turning, general machining: 6 - 8 %
Drilling, reaming, tapping, broaching: 6 - 10 %

Using at 5% concentration or above, Alusol SL 61 XBB provides reliable corrosion protection for ferrous parts and machine components.

Refractometer factor: 1.0

Water hardness compatibility: 100 - 800 ppm CaCO₃ (6 - 45 °dH)

Alusol SL 61 XBB was previously called CASTROL Alusol RBF, its name was changed in 2015.
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