CASTROL Syntilo 75 EF

Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Unique, PAO based metalworking fluid which forms emulsion after adding it to water. Syntilo 75 EF provides the advantages of a synthetic coolant with the benefits of mineral oil containing soluble coolants. It has the lubrication performance, cleanliness, low foaming tendency and great wetting properties similar to a polyglykol synthetic coolant, but with much better corrosion resistance and paint, seal compatibility - like a mineral oil emulsion.

Syntilo 75 EF is recommended for steel and cast iron grinding, milling, turning or drilling, moreover it can be used for iron reaming and broaching.

It provides excellent corrosion protection used from 3% concentration and the emulsion remains stable even in hard water.

Syntilo 75 EF does not contain chlorine, boron or formaldehyde-releasing biocides, it complies well with health and safety regulations.

Recommended concentrations:
Grinding: 3 - 5 %
General machining: 5 - 10 %
Drilling, reaming, tapping, broaching: 6 - 10 %

Water hardness compatibility: 50 - 600 ppm CaCO₃ (2 - 30 °dH)

Refractometer factor: 2.0
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