Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Hysol MB 50 offers Castrol's top multi-metal performance. It was originally developed to meet the U.S.A. market needs, but as Hysol MB 50 was a great success and received overwhelmingly positive feedback, it went worldwide in the past years.

Hysol MB 50 is a high-performance soluble metalworking fluid which is formaldehyde-releasing agent and chlorine-free. Its additive package together with high mineral oil and synthetic ester content provide outstanding lubrication and machining performance which helps to extend tool life and achieve excellent surface finish even on "tough to machine" alloys. It is particularly recommended for aerospace and automotive industries, but thanks to its application range which covers almost all machining processes, Hysol MB 50 is a reliable choice for any machining job.

This semi-synthetic coolant is our default candidate for product consolidation since it is compatible with both yellow metals, steel alloys and most aluminium alloys like for example C1100, C2801, AC4C, A5052 and A7075 alloy types. Typical applications include milling, turning, drilling and deep drilling, reaming, tapping, broaching and even grinding.

When mixed with water, Hysol MB 50 forms a clear, milky-white emulsion.
This fluid has better wetting properties than most semi-synthetic metalworking emulsions which significantly reduces the coolant drag-out and provides clean machine tools and components. We have heard of 5 % and even about 40 % reduction in fluid top-up requirements compared to previously used fluid types in some cases.

Castrol's goal with Hysol MB 50 design was to create a robust, multi-metal compatible, multi-purpose coolant for most industrial needs. To meet these requirements, Hysol MB 50 is based on the best performing conservative formulas enhanced with cutting edge technology.

Recommended concentrations:
General machining: 5 - 8 %
Reaming and tapping: 7 - 10 %
Hysol MB 50 ensures excellent corrosion protection and reliable bio-stability starting at 5 % concentration.

Refractometer factor: 1.0

Water hardness range: 5 - 50 °dH (100 - 1000 ppm CaCO₃)

Further propetries:
Mineral oil content: 50 wt%
pH at 5 % in DI: 9.7
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