CASTROL Almaredge 51 FF

Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Castrol Almaredge 51 FF is a metalworking fluid for steel and iron machining, formulated without formaldehyde releasing biocides. This soluble fluid has 50 % mineral oil content which in addition to corrosion inhibitors, helps the corrosion protection and provides better lubricity.

Almaredge 51 FF is suggested to use for low-medium alloyed steel and cast iron machining. It is also suitable for grinding and working with aluminium. The compatibility with aluminium alloys should be tested.

Recommended Concentrations
Grinding: 4-6%
General machining: 6-8%
Drilling and reaming: 8-13%

Refractometer factor: 1.0

Water hardness compatibilty: 50-400 ppm CaCO₃ (3-20 °dH)
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