CASTROL Alpha SP 460

Industrial Gear Oils

The Castrol Alpha SP gear oil range of high quality lubricants are based upon highly refined mineral oil, enhanced with an extreme pressure additive technology providing good thermal stability and high load carrying capacity.
The SP 460 was designed to provide microscopic wear protection. Microscopic wear protection, also known as micropitting protection, is critical in preventing destructive wear at the micro level therefore extending gear life and meeting the evolving demands of smaller and higher output gear boxes.

The Alpha SP range is recommended for the lubrication of industrial gear boxes using forced circulation or splash and oil bath lubrication. They may be used for the lubrication of spur and helical gears and in some lightly loaded worm type gear applications.
The lubricant is compatible with the most common types of seal materials.

Alpha SP is classified as follows: DIN Classification is CLP
Specific grades within the Alpha SP range meet the requirements of:
DIN 51517 Part 3
AGMA 9005 - E02
AIST 224
David Brown S1.53.101 Type E
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