Discontinued Product

BP Energol GR-XP 460

Industrial Gear Oils

CLP gear oil for spur, helical or worm type gears using oil circulation or oil bath lubrication systems.

Energol GR-XP 460 is based on highly refined mineral oil and contains extreme pressure (EP) additives. It has excellent load bearing capacity, thermal stability, demulsifying properties, and also good reistance to corrosion, oxidation and foaming. Energol GR-XP protects the gear box both from steel and copper corrosion.
Sulphur and phosphorus additives are providing its EP characteristics.

Performance claims and approvals:
CLP DIN 51517.3
AGMA 250.04
US Steel 224
Approval of David Brown Industries Ltd.
Approval of PIV
Approval of Sew Usocome

Typical characteristics:
Viscosity at 40 °C: 425 mm2/sec - ISO VG 460
Viscosity at 100 °C: 27.2 mm2/sec
Viscosity index: 88
FZG test, A8,3/90: >12

Replacement product: CASTROL Alpha SP 460
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