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CASTROL Rustilo Tarp CFX

Corrosion Preventives

Castrol Rustilo Tarp CFX is a barium-free, thixotropic, multi-purpose corrosion preventive.

It is formulated to provide excellent corrosion protection, thixotropic properties, and light duty lubricating characteristics. Because of its thixotropic nature, Rustilo Tarp CFX has the ability to become fluid with agitation or heating, so it becomes much easier and effecitve to apply. This characteristics are enabling the residual film to be self-healing. Also, it has higher flash point than most corrosion preventive oils.

When used straight, Rustilo Tarp CFX will provide outstanding humidity and salt atmosphere protection for ferrous and non ferrous parts for up to 5 years in indoor storage. This product will protect parts for approximately 2 years in outdoor storage, if covered.

It has excellent resistance to acid atmospheres; Tarp CFX will protect ferrous and non ferrous parts that have been stored near acidic environments.
Rustilo Tarp CFX is non reactive to paint films, so it may be used to protect painted equipment stored outside prior to shipment.

Rustilo Tarp CFX is ideal choice where:
- Minimal dripping and oil mess is desired (coating sheet and coil stock)
- Hot dip products had previously been used (bearings)
- Long-term outdoor storage of finished goods is required
- Protection of painted/unpainted goods is needed for overseas shipment

(Outdated) approvals:
CUMMINS 102041 and 102057
FORD 021829

Corrosion protection, indoor storage: up to 5 years
Corrosion protection, outdoor storage: up to 2 years
Protective film type: thixotropic, dry greasy

Appearance: brown paste
Flash point, open cup: 104 °C
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