BUROL Rostschutz Paste CFX

Corrosion Preventives

Burol Rostschutzpaste CFX is a high-performance, barium-free corrosion preventive paste. Thixotropic gel, so it will flow when stirred or otherwise stressed, and it becomes easy to apply to the parts. It can also heal the damages of the protective film.

Burol Rostschutzpaste CFX is recommended when oil dripping cannot be tolerated. Applicable after hot dips, and both for painted or uncoated parts, even for oversea transports. Burol Rostschutzpaste CFX is also suitable for long term outdoor storage.

It provides excellent protection in a humid, salty or acidic environment, but the film can be easily removed with alkaline cleaners.

Corrosion protection, indoor storage: 5 years maximum
Corrosion protection, outdoor storage: 2 years maximum
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