CASTROL Aircol HV 100

Vacuum Pump Oils

Aircol HV 100 is a special vacuum pump oil for mechanical vacuum pumps which work in fine to high vacuum field to about 0.0001 mbar. It is for use in rotary valve pumps, rotary piston pumps and rotating piston pumps.

Castrol Aircol HV 100 is a paraffin-based solvent raffinate which has a high initial boiling point and a narrow boiling range. Furthermore, it has a low vaporization loss and has a minimal coking and foaming tendency. This product provides excellent corrosion protection for steel and copper machine components.

Viscosity at 40 °C: 95 mm2/sec (ISO VG 100)
Viscosity at 100 °C: 10.6 mm2/sec
Flash point, COC: 260 °C
Pour point: -12 °C

Neutralization number: 0.01 mg KOH/g
Water-soluble acids: neutral
Oxide ash: <0.01 %
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