CASTROL Syntilo 9931 BF

Soluble Metalworking Fluids

Syntilo 9931 BF is a synthetic coolant which is recommended for surface, cylindrical, double disk and centerless grinding. It is also suitable for milling, turning, boring and light drilling operation on cast iron and low carbon steel.

This product is boron-free and free from formaldehyde-releasing biocides and nitrites. It does not contain mineral oil.

Syntilo 9931 BF has very good detergent properties to settle chips quickly and prevent grinding wheel build-up and maintain a clean working environment. It does not contain emulsifier, so the fluid rejects the tramp oil to its surface for easy removal.

Recommended concentartions:
Grinding: 3 - 5 %
Milling, turning, light drilling: 4 - 8 %

Refractometer factor: 3.1

Water hardness compatibility: 0 - 400 ppm CaCO₃ (0 - 20 °dH)

Note: It is important to attentively check sealings after you replace a previously used mineral oil containing coolant with a fully synthetic type, because sealings that absorbed oil can be damaged by the oil outwash effect of the synthetic fluid.
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