MOBIL Vactra No. 2

Slideway Oils

Premium-quality slideway lubricants specifically designed to meet the requirements for accuracy, aqueous coolant separability, and equipment protection of precision machine tools.

Vactra Oil No. 2 is recommended for horizontal slideways on small to medium size machine tools. It is also suitable for circulating application in large machines and as a moderate duty hydraulic fluid.

Vactra Oil No. 2 exhibits excellent lubricity and load-carrying performance contributing significantly to improving the production of quality parts. It provides separability from many water and aqueous coolants reducing the potential negative effects of cross contamination which helps to enhance the service life and performance of both the lubricant and coolant.

Typical characteristics:
Viscosity at 40 °C (104 °F): 68 mm2/sec - ISO VG 68
FZG Scuffing test, A/8.3/90: 13
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