CASTROL Corrosion Inhibitor S 206


Highly effective low foaming corrosion inhibitor for water based metalworking fluids.

Corrosion Inhibitor S 206 can be used in all water based metalworking fluids including soluble coolants, synthetic coolants, industrial cleaners and deformation products. It is compatible with cast iron, steel and non ferrous metals including aluminum alloys.
It can be used in pressurized water tests for surface protection of pipelines and tanks in water circulation systems with no residue and easy wash ability. It can also be used for passivation in aqueous part cleaning as well.

Depending on the corrosion protection desired, the recommended dosage can vary between 0.2 % - 0.6 % for aqueous circulating systems and between 0.5 % – 1.0 % of the fluid volume for part passivation.

pH at 2 % diluted in water: 7.6
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